Saturday, 21 July 2012


Here's my treat for you lovelies! Studded shorts for an edgy look. I over embellished it for a statement piece. For sure will make one stand out from a crowd. The top's a boyfriend shirt cut into mullet style. :) 

Shirt and Shorts: Piirrella 
Shoes: thrifted

Till next time lovelies!


Fishnet Fringe Top & Me

Another late upload. :) Haha. Well, I'm so lazy uploading. :)) Procrastination at its finest. Anyway, Here's what I got for you. DIY fringe top. Although i cut it quite too short, I'm still happy with my final output. I'm starting to alter my clothes to turn my not so favorite ones to unique and fashionable pieces. And to label my DIY stuff, I'm going to call it Piirrella. :)

Top: Piirrella
High Waisted Patched shorts: thrifted
 Accessories: Mochibella (
Shoes: Schu

Till next time lovelies!


Boho Shoot

This is a really really late post. We did the shoot, together with my and Jio's good friends Gel and Blaise. Jio and I were the ones in-charge of the clothes, accessories, makeup and styling. Gel's the pretty model and Blaise was the photographer.

Gel's a morena and she's got exquisite Filipina looks so I thought of letting her wear boho clothes. Bright colors would contrast well with her skin tone. Her playful and fun personality suits the carefree characteristics of bohemian. So I guess, it's a perfect concept for the shoot.

Here's out final output:

Behind the scenes:

Till next shoot! :)


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Arco Iris Collection

What's new from Mochibella? 

Bright and vivid colored accessories are up for grabs. 
Hand-picked especially for fun-loving gorgeous ladies. 

Surely these pieces will won't let your day turn dull. 

Check out Mochibella's site here:
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Happy shopping!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Fa Fa Fa Fashion!

So, you wanna be on top? For sure any girl would recognize this line from America’s Next Top Model. In every girl’s life, she’d enjoy to play dress up and maybe dream on becoming a model in the future. Well I did, but that model dream was long gone. However, I decided to take a different path but still in the fashion industry, to fulfill my dream in becoming a fashion designer.

Every woman wants to feel good about what they wear and how they look like. Even the most “un-vain” lady would wants to be complimented with how well she’s dressed or how pretty she looks.

Well, Tyra Banks, one of the brains of America’s Top Model and one of the well known supermodel in the world shares some tips about how to wear certain clothes, which body types and skin tones would flatter a garment and more. Through her and Vogue contributing Editor Andre Leon Talley’s short tutorials or lessons in Fa Fa Fa Fashion from Type F, the secrets to being fabulous has been revealed!

These videos are a big help to me, hope you'll learn something new too! :)
Trench Coat

Little Black Dress



Skinny Jeans



For more about these videos like write-ups and behind the scenes, check out their site here: 

Enjoy! :)


Fashion Design 101: Fashion Illustration

As promised, I'm going to share here in my blog what I learn from fashion design. 

Fashion Illustration is a very important aspect of designing. Of course, how can you interpret your ideas if you don't put it on paper. How can you relay your designs to other people especially your clients if you don't show them a picture of your masterpiece? If you have the passion and the creativity to be a designer and you don't know how to draw.. Don't fret! All you need are proper instructions and the determination to practice, practice and practice.  I myself admits that I suck in drawing. I can't even draw a cartoon-ish person. 

There are three kinds of fashion illustration that you should be able to learn. 

FREE HAND ILLUSTRATION - This should be the best drawing that you should present. It should include your desired model in whatever style you want it to be. You can make it look like a cartoon, as thin as a stick, anime like, barbie like? or even look like your favorite celebrity. Free hand lets you be as creative and FREE as you want. It all depends on what your style, your perspective. Also, the theme of your design should also be visible in the free hand, props and backgrounds can be also included. So your clients or friends can picture your concept clearly.
 FLAT DRAWINGS - A flat is the clear illustration of your actual design with its corresponding measurements. Picture your garment laid on the floor, the drawing should look like that. The drawings should show the front and the back part of your design.
SPECIFICATIONS - This is a more detailed version of the flat drawings. It should include the cloth swatches, the stitches to be used, the design details, instructions, etc. A designer needs this illustration to take note and document everything that should be done with the garment.
The photos shown above aren't mine because I'm still working on with my own sketches. But for sure once done I'd be happy to share it here!


the WILD side

Unleash your inner animal and be daring enough to flaunt these prints.
The WILD side

A Wear tribal dress
£45 -

Miss Selfridge black clutch
$50 -

Zadig Voltaire gold plated bangle
$1,176 -

GUESS animal watch
$85 -

River Island leopard jewelry
£13 -

Leopard earrings
$10 -

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