Thursday, 31 May 2012


Every morning's a struggle. I'm not really an organized person who'd plan what to wear night before. I'd panic the moment I wake up about what I'll be wearing. This happens, every single time. And most of the time, I'd be sure of what I'll wear after I take my shower. However, this time I've got no idea what to wear. So this is what I came up with. Hahaha. A simple patched up shirt with different colors and my checkered high-waisted skirt. I was thinking of making it look like a "Japanese-schoolgirl" but opt for a different vibe. Then I paired it up with my comfy strappy sandals, huge heart ring and a necklace I wore as a bracelet. 

Ring: Milian

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Me and my vintage shoes

Been saving these shoes for quite a long time now. Not so sure how to wear them. 
But I finally figured out how to wear them. Paired with moss green button down top and animal print pencil cut skirt.

Shoes: Vintage
Skirt: Zara

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Baby, it's cold outside!

It's definitely rainy season now. And the cool breeze certainly proves it.
My gray sweater, black boots and fur skirt would definitely keep me warm. 
Break the dull colors with red lips!

Sweater: Freeway
Ring: Milian
Watch: Disney.. HAHA

Monday, 28 May 2012

And summer ends!

It's certainly not all sunny now in the Philippines. 
For my last shot for summer, I went for floral prints and white pants for a fresh look.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Philippine FW: Holiday 2012

Yey! :) Although I went to the show alone… I still did enjoyed it. I can’t believe that I literally was whispering to myself “wow”s and “woah”s. Watch out for these pieces to be in trend soon!

Design Fusion Collection
Bo Parcon - Elegance in Black & White. His pieces were focused on this black and white ruffled prints. 

Jaki Penalosa - Truly Ours. Native garments with a native twist paired with in trend oversized accessories. 

Enrico Conrado - WINGS! From the head accessories to the prints of the dresses. Models were like goddess warriors. 

Visions and Trends
Happy Andrada - “Apparition” Her collection gave me chills! All white ensemble with intricate cuts and braiding. 

Jan Garcia - Another goddess collection. Extravagant cuts with loud colors contrasting in black sheer. I love the drama.

Oz Go - Ombre dyed fabric, in trend this year! Gotta love the color blast and the fabulous cuts!

Regine Dulay - Art Deco. Another winglike designs. Mixed up patterns in black, gold and white. Love the unique cuts outs.  

Russel Villafuerte - Leather, sheer, shimmer in Black = Fierce and strong.

Ready to Wear
Dave Ocampo - Earth tones, shiny embellishments, mullet and wide dress pants exudes sophistication and breeding.

Emi Englis - 3 Words: The Great Gatsby. A hint of 20’s fashion with a splash of modern and sleek cuts.

Harley Ruedas - Finally, colors and prints! All I can say is, I Adore.

Jian Lasala - A collection with pieces all in simple white. Variety of cuts and silhouettes were used.

John Guarnes - A clever combination of silk, fur and lace. I see resemblance in some of our native costumes. 

Mike Lavarez - Another Great Gatzby inspired with sleek and clean cuts in black with a twist of pastels and leather. 

Nixon Marquez - Cotton sweaters and LEATHER! I so love leather this season. Leather blazers, skirts and pants! I’m crazy inlove with leather.

The designers:

The models: 

Thank you sir Oz Go for the invite! 

That’s all for now, till next Fashion Week! 

What I wore at FW: Holiday

Yey Fashion Week. 
So here's what I wore, my little black dress, red ribbon pumps, red cuff, rose ring and silver necklace. 
I look classy so what else to wear than Audrey Hepburn's iconic piece of clothing, THE LBD. ;)

Dress: Zara
Ring: Milian
Shoes: VNC

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Summer 2012

2012’s summer is here! It’s the time to flaunt your fully worked out bodies again! Isn’t it exciting? Vibrant colors, different cuts and outrageous fashion trends are again up this season. Definitely, this is the season where fashion is at its prowess!

Fresh from the runways, here’s the list of this year’s summer trends. Beat the heat with what’s new and what’s in for the fashion industry.

Pastels – It’s all about pastels this year. Probably not only this summer but the whole year. Soft colors and smoother cuts are designer’s favorites for this season. Mixing and matching these colors are also for keeps. This season’s reigning colors are feminine and ladylike. Loud and proud? It’s best to experiment with these colors and add an edge to the cuts and styles of the outfit.

Cropped Tops – Not those vintage tees. Straight from Miu Miu, Prada and Dolce & Gabanna’s runway, cropped tops paired with flared and pencil cut skirts are absolutely fabulous. These two piece wonders are cut from floral designs that are also a hit this summer! This trend would give your amazingly sculpted abs the attention it’s worthy of.

Bold Florals – I myself am not a fan of floral or heavily printed clothes but for this season I might probably give it a shot. From small to huge floral designs, this print is definitely hot this season. Floral prints are all over designers’ collections this season from airy maxi dresses, mini dresses, fluffy skirts and cropped tops! Certainly the best to liven up the sunny season.

Paisley – A different take on designs. If you’re not fond of florals like me. You can go for paisley prints. Also a must have and is in trend this summer. Jill Sanders and Stella McCartney’s collections are inspired by this lovely print.

Yellow – Certainly, yellow is ALWAYS the color of the summer season. It steals the spotlight with its different shades from sunny yellows to warm yellows. It’s always in style to add a pinch of this color.
20’s – With The Great Gatsby release in the movies, this season’s fashion was highly influenced by the 20’s fashion. With sleek short hair style, conservative yet sharp clothes and clothe hats, the runway was filled with art deco designs, a variety of pleats and glitters and low waisted dresses with fullness at the hemline. It screams sophistication and sexy.

Pyjama – One of the key fashion trends that Spring/Summer has for us is Pyjamas! These trousers in highly patterned clothes makes the floral designs look not over feminine. Patterns of ethnic, animal prints, florals and to almost any print can be eye-catching (in a good way) when paired with adorable top and sexy high heels.

Sportswear – Let’s get physical. With summer already here, there’s no excuse not to stay outdoors. It’s best to brag your sportswear in line with this season’s hottest designs. Why not?

Grids and Checkboards – New patterns! J I’m so happy to see new patterns in style this summer. Although we’d be sticking to blacks, the black and white combination looks refreshing and clean.

Neon – This one’s for the daring fashionistas. With bright yellows, hot pinks and show-stopping orange; be prepared to be the center of attention! This trend is new and is for the young and young at heart. Definitely a trend not to miss out!

Till next season!


Photo day!

It's class photo day! Funny I have to dress up for a 1x1 photo. Though, we were said to get all prettify. Surprise surprise, the 1x1 photo's going to be a half body shot. I wonder how my class ID would look like. HAHA. 

Shoes: Shoebox
Necklace: Mochibella