Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hair Trend: Braids

In pop culture and media, it’s noticeable from the fantasy series Game of Thrones to see women wear their hair in braids. Since this hairstyle is easy to execute and very feminine to the eye, it creates a sweet vibe that can be pulled off by any lady.

Let’s see how to wear this exquisite and timeless hairstyle by looking at different braid techniques from fashion shows to street styles.

The Runway

Rodarte (Fall 2013)
To polish Rodarte’s collection that’s beach inspired, braids with big loose and messy waves were chosen as hairstyles to create a natural feel. To achieve this look, the stylist parted the model’s hair and braided it to the sides then twisted into a single rosette. A part of the middle area of the hair just beneath the rosette was braided to appear like it’s connected. The makeup was supposed to look like mascara falling out of the eyes with lips and face painted nude to appear as if the model just got out of a swim. Overall, the look was both edgy and pretty at the same time. Although the makeup’s a little too much, the hairstyle would look great on the street when worn with a chic boho outfit or a simple white tee and jeans combo.

Hervé Léger (Fall 2013)

From Rodarte’s beach inspired look, we can take a different angle on braids at Hervé Léger’s collection for 2013. Unlike other braided looks, this one seems simple yet futuristic with its sleek and neat appearance. According to the show’s hairstylist Laurent Philippon from Bumble + bumble, this hairstyle was inspired by the equestrian strap using the “harness” braid worn on one side.

Alice + Olivia (Fall 2013)
Going for a romantic feel, Alice + Olivia’s Fall 2013 collection wouldn’t be perfect without the milkmaid braids. This sweet and innocent looking updo creates a very classy and sophisticated feel but when added with a bit messy element becomes a wearable style for the streets. To recreate this look, first the hair was prepped with volumizing mouse and brow dried. Next was to part the hair at the center then pulled back. The gathered hair at the nape were divided into two sections then styled into loose braids. Both braids were brought up towards the crown of the head to meet and secured with a pin.

The Streets

The Beauty Department, created by Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine, is a site that’s dedicated to teach women about makeup, fashion, nail care and hairstyles. They put together tutorials and design their own techniques for fresh new beauty trends!
Here are two of their created braids that can be worn on different occasions:

Hair braiding may take time and practice to perfect but it’s all worth it when done. This classic meets modern hairstyle is definitely an easy charmer that’s perfect for a picnic by the park or a romantic date. No need to try hard to look effortlessly beautiful.


Photo credits: The Beauty Department &

Dare to Flaunt: Peek-a-boo

It’s true that peek-a-boo pieces are in rave this 2013. For quite some seasons now, these daring cutouts and see through fabrics kept on appearing in runways shows, red carpets and retail racks.

A charming trend for fun loving fashion enthusiasts and a no-fail piece for ladies who are looking for some added sex appeal, peek-a-boo pieces are skin bearing styles that vary from midriffs two pieces to high skirt slits to cutout dresses with or without sheer fabrics. This trend has become a darling for most designers due to its versatility and sexiness.  
With the right silhouettes and cutouts at the right places, you can pull off this trend depending on your preferred style to vamp up to either a sexy vixen or a playful flirt.

Flirt for fun

Peek-a-boo pieces aren’t always to appear sexy. It can also be played on to create a sweet yet flirty look. The best picks for these styles are dresses from spring and summer seasons. Pick a flowy sundress or a short full skirt dress with dainty shaped cutouts that are usually to a minimum. Dresses that are in fun summer colors can bring out the youth in you while pastels can show your romantic side. 

Charlotte Ronson (Spring 2013)
Cushnie et Ochs (Spring 2013)    
Versace (Spring 2013)
Keep it classy
Structure, structure, structure! If you’re going to wear this piece to a formal event or a meeting with the VIPs, you better look for cutouts that are placed at subtly sexy places like the collarbone and or a tiny strip on the waist. If it’s a formal event that’s strictly for business, your best choice of color may range from the classic black, dark reds, blues and emeralds to champagne and ivory whites. As for the silhouettes and cutouts, you can have the freedom to choose as long as it’s sleek and not too daring. For meetings, it would be best if you choose sharp tailored pieces in neutral colors such as black, white or beige. You may also choose to don a slightly sexier cutout dress and tone it down with an elegantly structured coat or blazer.

Cushnie et Ochs (Spring 2013)         
Donna Karan (Fall 2013)
            Roland Mouret (Spring 2013)   
Be bold to bare it all
If you’re confident enough to show off the results of your months dieting and long hours at the gym, then bold cutouts and high slits are best for you. Go for the most daring cutouts at the sexiest places like the sides of your waist or a midriff two piece. You can also opt for an exaggerated deep-v or a low bare back. However, make sure that when you’re wearing these kinds of cutouts you’ll tone it down with sheer fabrics or classy silhouettes to avoid looking trashy.

Balenciaga (Fall 2013)     
Jason Wu (Spring 2013)
Michael Kors (Fall 2013)
Just a few more tips when wearing peek-a-boo pieces:
  •  Carefully choose cutouts that would highlight your assets.
  • Flaunt a healthy skin. Maintain a moisturized and soft skin.
  • When accessorizing, remember balance. If the piece has too much cutouts, patterns or textures keep your accessories to a bare minimum. And if you feel that you’re showing off too much, layer up those accessories for easy toning down.
So now that you know more about peek-a-boo pieces, how would you dare bare?


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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Psychology of Color

This time of the year is absolutely the season where colors are popping everywhere.

So here's some tips on what color choices you can have for your home and maybe your wardrobe as well. :) Enjoy!

Since I still live with my parents, I only get to choose which color to use for my room. So I went for purple, pink and white. I guess I did the right decision because it says above that it's the color of femininity. I'm such a girly girl indeed!

How about you, did you make the right color choices? If not, it's time to do some home revamp ladies!


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Top 3 Beauty Vloggers I Love!

For the past few months, I've really become a make-up junkie. I'm not really into cosmetics before but I had a sudden interest in it when I took fashion styling class. I saw the transformation make-up can do to people, it doesn't only make a woman look good but feel good as well. We all know that when one's happy and content with how he or she looks, self esteem and confidence boosts. It was such a great moment for me to witness. The spur of the moment made me want to become a make-up artist in the future as well. Since I'm still in fashion school and working full time as a writer, as much as I wanted to, I can't possibly fit anymore classes in my schedule. So I've decided to do some self study in make-up artistry for the time being. 

As for the first step, I did some internet research and looked for bloggers or vloggers who are famous and credible in the field of beauty. And guess what, YouTube was the answer.

So far, here's my top three picks of YouTube Make-Up Gurus whom I follow and gather tips from: 

Pixiwoo was founded make-up artist Samantha Chapman, she was soon joined by her sister Nicola. They produce make-up tutorials that vary from simple to difficult. Honestly, at first I won't get bored with their tutorials because it's too serious. It's like you're taking an actual make up class. However, as I watch more and more of their videos, I grew very fond of it. They really know what they're talking about! They discuss everything from the tone of foundation that would suit every skin color to the proper application of blushes. I appreciate how they'd show their viewers the step by step process of the tutorial in much detail as they can. My personal favorites are the looks that they create with the inspiration of famous personalities and supermodels. They also have another channel that showcase simpler and easier tutorials that would be great for teens and beginners, it's the Pixiwoo Madness.

My second favorite make up vlogger is the very famous Michelle Phan! She is a vietnamese-american make-up artist who works for Lancôme. Actually, her videos were the very first ones that I religiously watched. Her videos are actually very fun to watch! She takes much effort to create tutorials that are out of the box and that won't definitely bore you. Michelle Phan is absolutely a breath of fresh  air. She explores different mediums such short stories which makes her viewers entertained while learning. Not only make up can be learned from Michelle Phan as she also gives fashion tutorials that can be very useful to young fashionistas. Michelle's channel is very fun and light to watch. As for my personal favorite, I love her Picture Perfect Day tutorial. It covers the basics in looking good in photos, very much the foundation if you're planning to make people look good for photoshoots. ;) 

For the top 3, I would say it's Cassandra Bankson. I know she's not as detailed in make up tutorials as Pixiwoo and as creative in her videos like Michelle Phan, but her vlog really convinced me to stay healthy, fit and beautiful! I'm not really into her make up tutorials but more of her skin care videos and tips on staying healthy like eating right with proper exercise. Aside from being a vlogger, Cassandra is also a full time model and is proud of showing off her flaws. According to her, being bullied and her acne problems didn't hinder her from dreaming big. Her success in fashion and the online media motivated her more to share all her learnings in life. As for my personal favorite video of hers, I must say it's everything in her Talking Tuesday section. This section features random stuff that would be of help to average readers who face day to day problems which concerns health and beauty. 

So there, that's for my top 3 favorite Beauty Vloggers. If you're interested in learning more about make up, beauty and fitness. These three channels would be of great help. They're a must-must-must check out! :) 


Monday, 18 March 2013

From Bo Derek with Love


Fashion Styling Class: Final Output

Exquisitely Surreal

Surrealism x SS 2012 Trends x Steam Punk

For our final output, we were required to arrange our own shoot. Per stylist, we were tasked to create 5 layouts with the combination of beaut shots, RTW and Haute Couture. We were grouped into 2 stylists and a photographer. I don't mind being grouped with any one from our class since we're all good friends anyway. :) Not to mention, everyone's easy to work with. :) However, I still felt extra happy when I was grouped with Ate Cel and Art. 

So here's my output: 

Photography by Arthur Allen Catindig
Styling by Pau Mendoza
HMUA by Charisma Vergara
Models: Dima Ahmad Al Omairi & Shanna Retuya

More Photos:

White with Black Lace Cutouts Dress - TBBS
Floral Peplum Top - Runway Dreams
2 Piece Floral Dress - Runway Dreams
Black and Pink Embellished Ball Gown - Joyce Pilarsky
Steampunk Accessories
(Hair Accessories, Watch Necklaces, Hand Bracelet, Cross Necklace, Black Floral Set) - Nathan Andrew
Grey Strappy Shoes, Silver Bangle & Calculator Watch - TBBS
Cut-out Bangle - Mochibella

The shoot went well and I'm proud to say that I survived my styling course! Cheers!