Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dare to Flaunt: Peek-a-boo

It’s true that peek-a-boo pieces are in rave this 2013. For quite some seasons now, these daring cutouts and see through fabrics kept on appearing in runways shows, red carpets and retail racks.

A charming trend for fun loving fashion enthusiasts and a no-fail piece for ladies who are looking for some added sex appeal, peek-a-boo pieces are skin bearing styles that vary from midriffs two pieces to high skirt slits to cutout dresses with or without sheer fabrics. This trend has become a darling for most designers due to its versatility and sexiness.  
With the right silhouettes and cutouts at the right places, you can pull off this trend depending on your preferred style to vamp up to either a sexy vixen or a playful flirt.

Flirt for fun

Peek-a-boo pieces aren’t always to appear sexy. It can also be played on to create a sweet yet flirty look. The best picks for these styles are dresses from spring and summer seasons. Pick a flowy sundress or a short full skirt dress with dainty shaped cutouts that are usually to a minimum. Dresses that are in fun summer colors can bring out the youth in you while pastels can show your romantic side. 

Charlotte Ronson (Spring 2013)
Cushnie et Ochs (Spring 2013)    
Versace (Spring 2013)
Keep it classy
Structure, structure, structure! If you’re going to wear this piece to a formal event or a meeting with the VIPs, you better look for cutouts that are placed at subtly sexy places like the collarbone and or a tiny strip on the waist. If it’s a formal event that’s strictly for business, your best choice of color may range from the classic black, dark reds, blues and emeralds to champagne and ivory whites. As for the silhouettes and cutouts, you can have the freedom to choose as long as it’s sleek and not too daring. For meetings, it would be best if you choose sharp tailored pieces in neutral colors such as black, white or beige. You may also choose to don a slightly sexier cutout dress and tone it down with an elegantly structured coat or blazer.

Cushnie et Ochs (Spring 2013)         
Donna Karan (Fall 2013)
            Roland Mouret (Spring 2013)   
Be bold to bare it all
If you’re confident enough to show off the results of your months dieting and long hours at the gym, then bold cutouts and high slits are best for you. Go for the most daring cutouts at the sexiest places like the sides of your waist or a midriff two piece. You can also opt for an exaggerated deep-v or a low bare back. However, make sure that when you’re wearing these kinds of cutouts you’ll tone it down with sheer fabrics or classy silhouettes to avoid looking trashy.

Balenciaga (Fall 2013)     
Jason Wu (Spring 2013)
Michael Kors (Fall 2013)
Just a few more tips when wearing peek-a-boo pieces:
  •  Carefully choose cutouts that would highlight your assets.
  • Flaunt a healthy skin. Maintain a moisturized and soft skin.
  • When accessorizing, remember balance. If the piece has too much cutouts, patterns or textures keep your accessories to a bare minimum. And if you feel that you’re showing off too much, layer up those accessories for easy toning down.
So now that you know more about peek-a-boo pieces, how would you dare bare?


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